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CAN-8 VirtuaLab - Reference Manual

Version 2022 07 22

This reference manual describes the operation of the CAN-8 language lab software. It is intended for the system administrator and the instructors involved in teaching with the lab.

The CAN-8 VirtuaLab includes 5 main components which allow teachers to:

To gain an understanding of the capabilities of the system, it would be best to proceed to the ABOUT CAN-8 section before reading the other chapters.

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About CAN-8

How does it work?

Getting ready
About CAN-8
The interface
The roles
Student program

The Planner

Design your curriculum

Getting ready
Create a Planner
Create items
Add content

The Tracker

Monitor your Students

set test or practice mode
monitor students
place test off / online
Evaluate / score work
Backup work /results

Babilon Groups

Discussion Groups

Group student for discussion
Manual vs automatic assignment
Join / listen to groups
Record Groups

The Manager

Manage your system

Manage menu layout
Create users
Create classes
Create activity reports
refresh system

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416 968 7155 ext.502
Toll Free in North America:
1 855 305 9937 ext.502

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