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presentation of the CAN-8 System

Preserving Language and Culture with CAN-8

From the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne to the Anishinaabe of Manitoulin Island and the Six Nations of the Grand River, CAN-8 is providing training in the Mohawk, Ojibwe, Cayuga and other languages of the First Nations for residents in these areas and into the United States.

The CAN-8 courseware was created by the The Akwesasne Economic Development Agency (AEDA) This cultural resource is now widely shared.

Donna Bomberry, Coordinator of the Language Preservation Project at the Kawenni:io / Gaweni:yo Private School, Six Nations, Ontario says, "In our community we use the CAN-8 VirtuaLab as a new tool in our endeavour to preserve our heritage languages. Our elder speakers are passing on and our language and cultural resources pass with them.

In the language lab, the students engage with their teachers and this has been a great aide to the language instructors and the students' learning. As well, teachers use the CAN-8 lab to assign homework. The students then use the lab from home. Parents and/or community members can engage in, and benefit from, language learning along with the students, after hours from their homes.

Currently, we are creating audio, video and text-based curriculum materials in CAN-8 in order to enhance the cultural component of the lab experience, for both school and home.

Since English is not taught here until the 7th grade, in March of last year the school acquired English language courseware from Seneca College in Toronto. This, in order to assist both parents and students keep up with the English portion of the curriculum expectations."

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Unexpectedly, CAN-8 has become cross-cultural in the benefits provided to these learners.

And, a reminder for those educational institutions with an 'Aboriginal Studies Program'. Whether you have CAN-8 or not we can assist you to explore the potential benefits of these language assets to your community.



The CAN-8 VirtuaLab may be used in many different situations to deliver primarily language training. See in our Applications page what some of our customers have used the system for.