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Support Services

Sounds Virtual provides the highest quality of technical support to all its customers. We believe that our software is reliable and that our customers should have little or no trouble using it. This does not mean things will always go perfectly, sometimes you need to remember how to use a seldom used feature, or that other problems may interfere with the operation of the software.

For this reason, Sounds Virtual includes one full year of free support and maintenance when you purchase a CAN-8 system. During the support term, you may call or email our technical experts and receive dedicated assistance with how to use the CAN-8 system, resolving problems related to use of the CAN-8 system, and get technical help with data management tasks such as server backups, or migrations to other server hardware. The maintenance aspect provides your site with the most recent versions of the CAN-8 software at no extra cost. These updates include all enhancements and fixes made to the software, typically released two to three times per year.

After the free one year support and maintenance period has expired your site may purchase an additional year of maintenance for only $100 per license. This will provide you with the ongoing peace-of-mind knowing that if you ever have any problem that expert assistance is available to help you.

Sounds Virtual will provide a reminder email message at the end of your maintenance term indicating it is time to renew so that you can keep your site running smoothly and protect your investment by always having the latest features and upgrades.

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